Blood [pouring from my ears] on the Dance Floor

Every once in a while an artist so terrible, so horrifying, so unbelievably untalented emerges. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t waste my time delivering page hits to morons of this magnitude, but . . . rats. I’ll make an exception for this whatever-he-is.

His name is Dahvie Vanity. Say that like you’re an emaciated vampire rights advocate who just graduated from Toni and Guy’s Fantasy Hair Boot Camp (I give VH1 or Bravo about five nanoseconds to pick that up). Basically, he’s the brains behind Blood on the Dance Floor — the group every tween girl without iPod-policing parents is listening to as I type.

“Does this guinea pig on my head make me look fat?”


*Side note for collectors: If you don’t like the above version, Dahvie *is* available in other colorways.

“This is my special limited edition ‘KTHXBAI’ style. Bid with confidence.”

I am so glad I’m not young enough or ignored-by-my-parents enough to find this douchebag attractive. Of course, looks aren’t everything, I know, I know. There’s so much more to Dahvie than run-of-the-mill mall hair and a squadron of jailbait. I mean, who could resist this Romeo’s lyrical wordsmithing? Behold, I give ye the BOTDF masterpiece “Bitches Get Stitches”:

Stop the hate congratulate,
You know my name so eat some cake.
Party Hardy
Grab bacardi,
Talk your shit watch you get hit.
Save the drama for your mama
What’s up with that awful gossip.
Don’t be mad ’cause my hair is so rad,
Life is good up in my head.

Bitches get stitches they end up in ditches,
So get the riches
Bitches get stitches, end up in ditches
Get the riches.
Bitches get stitches they end up in ditches,
So get the riches
Bitches get stitches, end up in ditches
Get the riches.

Check yourself before you wreck yourself.
Oh My God! Blah blah blah!
I’m rated X, for explicit sex,
You can talk your shit,
You can run those lips your only
Making me famous, you ignoramus.
I’m so dangerous, so so so so dangerous.

Let me fan myself. It’s as if Dahvie is speaking directly to me — those words penetrating deeply into my prepubescent past. I can almost see his writing process: quill pen in hand . . . papyrus wadded up around him from earlier, less eloquently drafted versions of “Bitches Get Stitches.” Is it even possible for mi amor to be more multi-dimensional after something so divine?

Yes, maybe.

Hold me back. Is that a sexual assault arrest sheet? Wow, this guy has everything I’ve been looking for in The Perfect Tween Crush. I can’t wait to run my fingers through those Hot Topic extensions.

Wait, wait, wait. What if his music sounds like something my mom would like? That might be a deal breaker.

Life changed. I am joining his cult on MySpace right this second. Pinch me. The only thing that would make this better is if he, like, hung out with fifth graders who started rumors on Stickam about having slept with him.

(This is where I’d post the footage, which has now come to be known as the “Ya Dun Goofed” video, of a pissed off dad yelling into a webcam about how he’s sick of the Dahvie rumors ruining his daughter’s life. I’d be cold hearted for exploiting a minor with a link like that. Her parents have already provided a total disservice by allowing their young child to do pretty much everything any reasonable parent would never permit.)

So, let’s review, k?

  • Cool ass name? Check!
  • Takes OMG <3 self-portraits of himself? Check and check again!
  • Has EPIC hair? Check times ten!
  • Writes amazing lyrics? Check!
  • Arrested on rape charge of a minor? Check!
  • Rocks my iPod’s face? Check!
  • Pisses off parents and creates a viral feeding frenzy? Dude, check!
  • Has a cool zine, er, blog (fell through a time portal, sorry)? Wait for it . . .

Be still my heart. There’s a blog? Talk to me, Dahvie. Talk to me.

“SOME PEOPLE JUST MAKE ME SICK!!!!!! How dare you be so low and just ungrateful. I happily shut off Garrett’s phone today with such joy. You see .. Garrett has been THROWN AWAY FROM BLOOD ON THE DANCE FLOOR.. Just like that! Let me give you a little history behind BOTDF.. I Dahvie Vanity created Blood On The Dance Floor and no I will never give up my dreams.. BOTDF is my life’s work.. I have bled.. I have sacrificed and I have given my whole entire life existence into this movement. My fans mean the world to me. I composed all of my music that brings utter happiness and I even wrote all of Garrett’s so called parts. HAH and what’s so funny is when he would come into the studio all drugged up from the night because he’s a druggy loser.. I would still be so kind to write and direct his parts while he slept on a couch all day. I should’ve removed him than and there but didn’t because

I am a monster… But I do have a heart.

I just didn’t want to disappoint my fans. You guys deserve the best! And when relationships fall apart it just totally sucks.. But the show must go on…

It’s funny how things work out. How people can just back stab you.. Not anymore! It’s time for a change.. Let me shed the truth..

I had to cancel some shows due to personal reasons.. False accusations we’re made against me! ME.. I am so kind and legit..I give everyone R-E-S-P-E-C-T And When I was gone Garrett decided to steal my trailer with all my gear..(((GRAND THEFT AUTO + Robbery = 5 to 10 years in prison))) and trust me Garrett would not survive in prison. He than performed a show with my music.. without me.. I’m sorry but that ain’t right.. I CREATED BLOOD ON THE DANCE FLOOR! ALL THE LYRICS AND SONGS WE’RE CREATED BY ME.. You just don’t try and take another man’s work.. That’s called grand theft dreams.. Garrett also tried to steal my debit card and access my accounts.. That’s called fraud and If I do believe so that’s a felony with a 10 year sentence to prison.

HOW DARE YOU! He’s so fortunate I didn’t press charges..” [SIC]

Let’s try this again, then:

  • Has a cool blog? Check, check, check, check, and tooooooootally bookmarked!

That pretty much sums it up. If GQ doesn’t name this guy its Man of the Year, I have a feeling the competition’s been rigged.


50 thoughts on “Blood [pouring from my ears] on the Dance Floor

  1. “Don’t be mad ’cause my hair is so rad” LOLZZZZZZZZ is that real?

    I CREATED BLOOD ON THE DANCE FLOOR! ALL THE LYRICS AND SONGS WE’RE CREATED BY ME.. You just don’t try and take another man’s work.. That’s called grand theft dreams..” no wonder dude only gets lucky with teenagers. douchebag. a-hahaha.

  2. I thought the first picture on this posting was a reincarnated Stephen Tyler!

    BTW, I came across your site when I was searching for photos of Morton Harket. I discovered that Aha’s farewell tour would include one night in Chicago, so I quickly bought 2 tickets figuring surely I could get someone to go with me. After a series of people canceled on me (as late as the day before the concert), I called my sister-in-law. It worked out that I left Springfield, IL – grabbed her just after she got off work in Bloomington, we made it to Chicago in time for the 7:30 showtime at an old theater from the 1930’s. The theater was a bit frayed around the edges, but you could see the beauty it had once been. It actually was a great setting to see and hear the concert, and Aha put on a great show. My sister-in-law and I thoroughly enjoyed it and were glad I was impulsive enough to just go for it (tickets were only $40). Morton’s voice is still wide ranging and clear (and of course he is still gorgeous!!!!). So thanks for your posting….

  3. Ha! You’re welcome, Barb. So glad to have you on board. I really love the last video I posted on that entry. So sweet and organic-feeling. :)

  4. Omg you guys are sooo brilliant, I mean it’s not like you could turn off the stereo when Dahvie and Jay sing (Way to not include Jay btw) It’s not like you can’t meet him and see he’s really down to earth, you guys are soo cool for ranting about this when You could just ignore it, cause I know, when Jonas Brothers come on the TV Radio and or are on a website, I just love to blog about how FUCKING STUPID THEY ARE,
    I for one am so happy that you pointed out that Dahvie has horrible hair, because anyone who has mall hair should be stabbed. I mean how dare they try to express themselves and not wear Fitch and Holister like oh my gawd.
    And that rape charge, don’t get me started. I mean you can so tell it’s not fake, I just love how you took time and effort on pointing out his flaws so you can be pleased when you look in the mirror<3

  5. He Shouldn’t Have Done What He Did
    Twas His Fault, Not Ours, So He Has No Right Either Getting Angry

  6. You know what, NOT effing true! Hah! Your such a freaking loser! You’d kill to see him fall because he has it all right?![: GET A LIFE! He didn’t rape ANYONE! Jessi Slaughter was a crazy bipolar witch! His hair is amazing! Who cares if he’s not a freaking preppy clone like everyone else! OH GOD! He must die, right?! Dude, he’s perfect the way he is! He’s actually probably one of the nicest people you could ever freaking meet! No freaking joke! So before you try to go trashing someone, think about where you are yourself! I bet your a fake who can’t even look in the mirror without hurting deep inside! Hating people, definately will NOT make you pretty![
    Kay? Thanks![:

  7. Thanks for this post. I definitely agree with what you are saying. I have been talking about this subject a lot lately with my father so hopefully this will get him to see my point of view. Fingers crossed!

  8. LOL@toni and guy comment, he DOES look very 2002 toni and guy mall salon!

    some of the outraged tween comments here are hilarious.

    shared. thanks for this!

  9. Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuu to D for sending us this! I can’t stand this band. They played where I work a while back and it was harder to watch than anything. I was embarrassed for them until they got cocky and shit like they were actually a real thing. There were about twelve girls all under 18 and a couple of parents. We were betting on how long the parents would let the girls hang out. If you can’t get fans to a show, you’re not in the right business.

  10. BIATCH , dudete STFU wel suck me , cus dahvies th smeckyst and coolest dude , hes nice and you should look in th miror sory cus your hair probably sucks , and there.are.a.whole lot.other awrsom pics of his glamerous fabulous hair , and the slash gash terror crew wel not care whatever th hel yah thibk , P.L.U.R , S MY D , dont hate us cus wer fabulous , you probably hava bobcut -,.- ‘

  11. Toshbox’s hyperlinked website was broken by this author. Minors are not exploited here, whether they like it or not.

  12. Actually Guys. I Love This Band. I Love Dahvie Vanity. Just Because Its Not What Yhu Like Doesn’t Mean Its Bad. I Know Several People Who Like Botdf. His Hair Is Cool For People Who Like Colors. His Music Is Cool For People Who Like Techo Dance Music. I Like Both. And By The Way, Just Thought I’d Slip This In, Its Life Is Good Up In My Hood. Okay, Just Please Be Open Minded About This Stuff.

  13. dude *** he didnt do any of tht **** *** y wld he rape a slutty 11 year old chick get a ****** life if u dnt like him thts ******* awesome but keep it to urself bcs other ppl do like him u jus like to start **** i can tell *******

  14. Go ahead and hate on BOTDF and Dahvie all you want. I hope you realize he’s not going to care and neither are his fans. And i agree with toshbox17… he has FUCKING ACE HAIR!!!! Try and get hair as stellar as his and then we’ll talk about how awesome he is K?

  15. You dumbasses are still dumb for still supporting this band. the charge sheet is reall. If enctclopedia dramatica was still their then you could still see both charge sheets for the 15 year old and for jessi slaughter as well. Oh but they are so freaking awesome. No they arent, they are fucking shit. I could shit better lyrics than them. All they appeal to is fucked up emos who think its cool to cut themselves. Get a real mental disease and youll realise how assholes like you really piss us off. You make people with bi-polar and depression look like they are fucking attention seekers. Hide your fucking heads in shame you immature bunch of fucking cunts

  16. okay, so i read all this and a couple of the commentz plus the last one. you retards think real emo ppl cut themselves? no. only people who just wanna be emo do. and im sorry, if i still think that dahvie vanity is sexxi. i LVE blood on the dance floor so stop hating! there famous because of thier “shitty” songs. they arent shitty!! there lots better then watever you think you could come up with!! DAHVIE VANITY AND JAYY VON MONROE ARE ALOT BETTER THAN UR SORRY ASSES!! just sayingg -.- ya really pissed me off. you attention seeking retards. STOP HATING ON PEOPLE BECAUSE OF THE WAY THEY ARE!!! JUST CUZ YOU COULDNT GET WHERE THEY ARE AND YOUR OVA HERE THINKING YOURE BETTER THAN THEM !!!!!! I DONT THINK YOU ARE!! PROLLY NOONE DOSE!!!!! GET OFF OF WEBSITES ABOUT HIM IF YOU HATE HIM SOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. What…the…fuck
    please tell me this band is kidding. Like maybe they’re making fun of people like that?
    The sad thing is, I think this band is real…they. Suck.
    First off, the guy is SO conceited. I don’t know why though, because he’s drop-dead-disgusting, and hair is not ‘rad’ if it obviously has hair extentions. Is this even a he? Sorry Dahvie if you’re a she or it.
    Then, when I thought he couldn’t get more ridiculous I read his lyrics lmfao.
    “Stop the hate congratulate, You know my name so eat some cake.
    Party Hardy Grab bacardi, Talk your shit watch you get hit. Save the drama for your mama what’s up with that awful gossip. Don’t be mad ’cause my hair is so rad, Life is good up in my head.”
    OH MY GOD. This is ridiculous, but at least it gave me a good laugh haha. “You know my name so eat some cake.” First of all, I’m SAD that I know his name. “Dahvie Vanity?” What the hell. I’m guessing he made up that when he was taking drugs…and I hope he’s on drugs because I don’t know a sober person who acts as childish as he does. What does his name have to do with eating some fucking cake? LMFAO. “Party Hardy Grab Bacardi” what is bacardi? Really? He has to result to making up words now? No need to comment on the rest…you know how I feel about his hair. (Let me get something straight here. I THINK guys with long hair are hot. Not the white-trash ones, but the ones like Andy Biersack (Six.) I think they are hot. But this guys hair looks absolutely ridiculous n my personal opinion. Who doesn’t?
    Then there’s his blog which has a million and one grammar/spelling errors in it. Who does he think he is? “I treat people with R-E-S-P-E-C-T” three words “YOU ARE RIDICULOUS”
    Next I wouldn’t be bragging about creating Blood On The Dance Floor & writing the lyrics.
    If it makes him happy…that’s all that matters. But really dude, don’t write shitty lyrics and then be conceited unless you want to be made fun of and looked down on

  18. I personally like blood on the dance floor and so does my boyfriend and neither of us heard them in our tweens since my boyfriend is 23 and im 18 and yes the rape accusation. The lyrics are bad but are extremely funny plus I know bands that are jsut as bad with lyrics but seem to be way more popular example Modern Day Escape (ugh)

    As for the hair getting extensions is better that constantly dying your hair unnatural colors. Hair is hair people and thats how he likes his hair leave him be thats his thing.

  19. Uhh…I know this is an old post but…I really feel like I need to correct people. Especially the ones who bitch and whine about people bitching and whining. :)
    I like BOTDF. But you wouldn’t know it by looking at me so you can throw your preconceptions (the ones you formed after reading my previous statement) out the window. In this, I don’t intend to sound like a meanie but it happens. Here goes:
    @Angel —I love you. You make sense. Thank you so much. Really, I appreciate you.
    @Dahviy Vanity (lmfao thank goodness no) — Bacardi is a brand of alcohol (rum and vodka being the most popular). You’re already on the internet so you could have googled it and not looked so foolish. Also, it’s Dahvie. With an E. (P.S. I like BVB too, but if you’re going to reference Andy Sixx, please remember that there are two Xs because he’s honoring Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue. Then again, you had no idea what Bacardi was so I’m going to assume you don’t know Motley Crue either.)
    @Wayne Htid Morgan — I’m not ’emo’. Please, don’t wish for me to contract a disorder so I ‘know what it is like’. I do know, even if it is not first hand, because I’ve worked with people coping with depression, schizophrenia, and anxiety. It isn’t pretty and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. And please, don’t call me a cunt for liking a band. I’m entitled to my own preferences. :)

    Also, (this is to everyone who says that BOTDF only plays to twelve year olds) please, don’t spread falsehoods. I’m 18. Many of the people in my dorm house also like BOTDF. That’s right, dears, college-goers like this band too. :P I’ve been to many a concert wherein there have been tweeners and their parents, so it isn’t really a talent gauge. I’ll name a few: All Time Low, The Maine, Coheed and Cambria, Circa Survive, Hey Monday, the White Tie Affair, Black Veil Brides, the Ready Set, and Mayday Parade. Festivals can be like that too, what with one’s seemingly strange ability to appreciate music before one can drive oneself to a concert. It’s weird how that happens.

    Sorry this got to be so long but it had to be said. Remember kiddies, check yourself before you wreck yourself. :D Now, I’m off to Sonshine. Later.

  20. First off, I love Blood on the Dance Floor. People only seem to focus on the parts of their songs that have sexual meanings and such, but many of their songs are meant to spread a positive message. If you don’t believe me listen to “Nirvana” or “Find Your Way”. “Bitches Get Stitches” is actually mostly about not hating people when you don’t know them or their life. As for only kids in junior high liking them… Yes, I may only be 14, but my mother, who is 41, also listens to them and will sit there and sing any of their songs with me (including songs like “Sexting”). She also understands that some songs can just be songs that are for fun. Blood on the Dance Floor is a band that actually cares about their fans, unlike many of today’s “artists”. I don’t see Lady Gaga going on Stickam and actually talking to her fans. It’s haters like you that are the reason that they say haters make them famous. Blogging about them just spreads their name around more.

  21. I’m 40 and I think they are awesome. I think Dahvie is a sweet young man. And he may have been charged with rape but I have not seen anything where he was convicted of it. I wrote him and told him what I tell my 2 boys, “Little Girls are the Devil.” He wrote back and said he agreed, hahaha. And if I were an 15 year old girl I’d want him too, heck I want him now. I think he’s HOT!!! And I so enjoy their music as well.

  22. Id like to say something about your complaints on the catchy and sexual lyrics. honestly, the only difference between his music and say, the typically mainstream rap is BOTDF is much more blatant about it. ultimately a lot of artists sing about sex, drugs, and other assortments of anti social things. really i get if you don’t like the music its not for everyone but there is no need to blog about it. BOTDF is good and dahvvie is a real nice guy who i think is very a attractive man.

  23. I just saw this band ***on accident*** with my son and daughter at Warp Concert. I can’t believe any parent would take a child of any age to see this band. The heftier guy in the band who might be the one we are talking about here kept making very rude comments to the young girls in the crowd. My daughter who is fifteen asked to wait in a different area and walk on. I don’t get how anyone could call them talented. As a mom I think you have the obligation to monitor your kids and this band is not a good choice.

    The woman up there who said little girls are the devil is an example of the problem with parents today. Little girls are not the devil. This guy should have never talked to an eleven year old online at any point even if he didn’t touch the child. He is almost thirty years in age. I wonder if that woman would permit him to start calling her child who is a minor. How would she like that? If she was a good mom, she would rear her impressionable young woman under the eyes of the law and protect her from potential harm. I do not care how nice this band member is. He has no business talking to young women at shows or on the internet at the level he has admitted. I am sick watching the way he treats women in web videos. A real man would not flirt with teen girls period. He is no real man. His message is not one of peace. I hope other parents read this and look through the daughters and son’s Ipods.


  25. Greeeeeeeeat Blog Love the Information you have provided me . My thoughts exactlly. Made me sick!

  26. Are you people serious? Spending your lives putting down people just because you don’t like thier style? Pathetic. It’s like you’re stuck in highschool. Just because you don’t like his style of music, doesn’t mean no one else does. I like his music because it’s upbeat, original, funny, and has a cool sound to it. I like his style because he isn’t afraid to be himself, and it shows off his personality and confidence. And don’t even pretend you’ve never done something or was interested in something others thought were stupid or lame. If you don’t like it then don’t listen. And don’t even think about judging someone elses looks, because there are plenty of people that don’t like how you look either (no matter who you are). Thanks for your time :)

  27. Botdf is beast! you may not like them you might even hate them but for sure no matter what you do their will always be people out there who like them regardless AS is the case with any band or thing. your wasting your time hating because they got something they love to do and your just pathetic and cant admit your jealous.

  28. Says the guy in the polo shirt. That’s right I’m phsychic u preppy wanna-be-cool loser.

  29. Wtf is this!? Im im 15 and i love botdf!!!! Well like jay said HATERS MAKE ME FAMOUS!!! ;D

  30. Has noone ever heard that one song..For the life of me I can’t remmeber the name of it but in it says something about haters makeing them famous…I think don’t quote me on that..It may have just been a comment i saw on a video..IDK!! But anyway..Noone has the right to say bad things about BOTDF….I mean what did they do to you?!? Exist..Not your problem your not their parents.. Sing…No you don’t have to listen to them… And your just jealous of Dahives’ hair..Hell I am..Dahvie and Jayy are two great guys and your just upset because they can get more than you..It’s not nice to say bad things about people you don’t know.. That would be like me bad mouthing you and i don’t even know you..Will i do it..No i have better things to do than be immature and talk about people.. On that note i’ll leave you peoples with this..Don’t talk about people in any bad way because for all you know they could say some stuff just as bad back to you.. And personaly i don’t like it when i’m bad mouthed behind my back.
    Love 4-eva,
    Rikku Vanity =^,..,^= THNX!!

  31. You obviously did your reasearch on Dahvie… You say you hate him so much but he’s obviously on your mind. You only stated the things about him that you dont appriceate, or like. You posted all of the bad, crap things that have happened to dahvie. Yes, he was accused of rape. No, it wasnt true. The girl told him she was twenty-six, (at least i think thats how old she said) so he fucked her. She was only 15/16 (not sure) years old and then she pressed rape on him. I dont know why she said she would fuck him if she ended up pressing these charges on him, but she did. And about the jessi slaughter thing, jessi claimed that he and her had slept together in one of her videos. Of course everyone knows that this wasnt true and that Dahvie would never do that. His life was ruined for five months cuz of this slutty, cocky, annoying ten-year old! If you’ve seen any of her videos, you know that jessi is a slut. She doesnt even wear pants in any of her videos! my point is, You make Dahvie look like a sex crazed manhoar who has apperently suckish music and is a cocky bastard. Hes not that at all. Dahvie is a good person, he would never rape a girl, or sleep with a ten year old. Yes, lots of his music is about sex, murder, and his dick. This doesnt make him a bad person, it makes him AMAZING. His music is awesome, and hes more than an idol for me. Hes an inspiration.

  32. omgz how dar u tlk bd bout Dahvie lk dat!!!!!!! jessi waz just a stuid gurl who lyed for da fme n all dat i mean y would u hate BOTDF dey r da most amazzzzzzzzzinnnnnngggggg band ever n u hve 2 b nuts not 2 lk dem sure da music tlks bout murder sex and all dat but who cres i dont i luv em n no Dahvie doent hv jerry springer boobs n hes not fat hes purfectly hotttttt wth a capital H ;)

  33. Ok so i know this post is like really freaking old, but i found it and really wanted to say something. First of all, I love BOTDF, but im not obsessive over them, and i am willing to admit that some of their music sucks. But i like their music because 1) they have an upbeat techno-ey type music that i like. 2) Their lyrics are funny, and they also mean something. They may not mean anything to older people, but some people who dont just listen to their music to ‘make their parents mad’ will actually realize that some of their lyrics do actually mean something, probably more towards younger generations. 3) there are other reasons as to why i like them but i want to discuss something else. So, who cares what his hair looks like? I mean seriously, its not your hair, so dont worry about it. He may be using extensions, but atleast hes not bleaching and dying his hair constantly like most teens are/were. If you actually hated his music, you wouldnt be gossiping about how bad it is. If you dont want ‘tweens’ obsessively complaining about how people hate their music and blah blah blah, you shouldnt be whining and complaining about how horrible their music is. Common sense should tell you that if you talk badly about something/someone other people like, those other people are going to talk back, and then everyone is going to act like a bunch of bratty, spoiled little highschool girls. so get over it! If you want it gone, dont think about it. Thats all. botdf forever <333

  34. SHUT UP STUPID BITCHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DAHVIE WAS MY 1ST AND HE IS NICE AND HAS AWESOME HAIR JELOUS PEOPLE BITCHS GET STITCHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HE IS NOT A RAPPER AND WAS NICE ABOUT IT

  35. wow.. this is ridiculous.. Dahvie is a cool guy, his music is eh.. not for children, yet more appealing to them; I don’t agree with the music’s influence on underage children at all. I believe parents should give their children freedoms, but the should definitely filter their music and movies if they’re easily influenced, some teenagers are mature enough to listen to some of their music, and there are some edited versions.. point being is it’s all kinds of misconstrued, it’s been proven for a fact that the whole Jessi Slaughter incident was a fraud on her part, Dahvie did NOT rape her, and he has not been implicated on any other underage acts, but there are a lot of bands who have shitty music, we all have our preferences, some weirder than others (this band included) but it’s whatever.. they’re making a living I suppose, no reason for me to hate, I would totally be hating if I thought he did rape her and so on and so fourth, and I definitely don’t think any child should be listening to this type of music… I personally am not a parent, so anything I’ve said pertaining to being one, is just a view, I don’t know how to raise a child hence why I don’t have one lol.. obsessive people need to stop acting like they’ve done all these stupid things, but everyone is allowed their two cents, if you wanna talk shit about someone, go for it, you’re allowed that right.. but if you’re going to falsely accuse someone of something, that’s a step too far..

  36. bitch u wanna talk shit on someone else first u need to talk shit on ur self. so either dis urself or stop the drama and save it for ur mama

  37. I kind of love the way people will fight over just a band like this…I find it very amusing xD (Don’t get me wrong though, I LOVE BOTDF, but you know..) Its like, one person says one thing, so another person feels compelled to say something back to them..And 9 times out of 10, they both say some pretty stupid things..which makes me laugh :P (I’m not meaning to say your saying stupid things or anything, promise ^^;)

  38. For your information, I’m a senior in High School and me and my friends love BOTDF. None of us drink and only one smokes, but he’s 18. We get good grades, and some of us may prefer dark colors, but we’re NOT emo or goth and we don’t claim to be. We’re just a bunch of teenagers, almost adults, that like a band.

    And Dahvie may look and sound like a douche to you in his songs, but it’s no worse than any other music these days, and he’s actually a pretty nice guy as far as guys go these days. And there’s barely any music out there that ISNT explicit or perverted or something along those lines. Unless you watch Disney Channel, and that gets pretty stupid after age 13 at the most.

    I don’t care if you like him or not, but to judge people by the way they look or dress is just stupid and childish. Just because you’re not into the same stuff, doesn’t mean no one else does.

    BTW he has 69,000 fans following him on Twitter, and trust me thats not all of them, and he rarely says anything that doesn’t have to do with how much he loves his fans and what songs he’s just recorded.

    And he’s just finished a new song that is way different than his usual stuff. Nothing about sex or anything like that. It’s called UNFORGIVEN, and it’s the start of a whole new era of BLOOD ON THE DANCE FLOOR. Everything is changing, so don’t judge until you’ve listened with an open mind.

  39. You people need to stop talking trash bout Dahvie Vanity!!!!!!!!! He has so many fans, and it sounds like ur trying to get rid of his fans!!!!! Right now this screams JERKS!!!!!!!!! How can u guys talk about that wat!!!!!! He has the most amazing hair,voice, and the most amazing style!!!!!!!

  40. wow…..jessi sluaghter admitted she lied made a video apolagizeing (sp) for it, and botdf and dahvie vanitys words save my life i was afraid to be myself and constantley got bullied for being different….he showed me i can be myself and be proud of it, because of botdf i stopped cutting and am so much more happier now…im going to see them soon and nothing could make me more happy…if you hate him so goddamn much gtfo!!!!!!!! btw DAHVIE=SEXIIIIIII
    sorri for my terrible spelling

  41. Wowww, u rememind me of my sister
    Always gotta say somethin rude about botdf
    Me, being a huuuuuuuuuuge fan of botdf, would LOVE to visit ur house, along with every other botdf hater, and personaly deliver fresh knuckle-duster beatings, blood baths (of ur blood), and dont worry, i didnt forget the whopping amount of DEATHS

    And just incase ur retarded and didnt understand that, heres a translation;

  42. Hey, kid. Do you have any idea what this is:


    That’s one of the links I give to the cops so they can investigate death threats originating from your IP address and associated devices. If you think I can’t look up the physical address of every IP that’s connected with this blog, you’re incorrect.

    You might disagree with this article, which was written nine billion years ago (thanks for finally showing up), but when you threaten my First Amendment right with physical violence and death threats, you do yourself no service and face criminal action.

    I’m sure Dahvie would agree with me on this one as well. Additionally, I have allowed the person who continues to comment repeatedly using different names from the same IP, but that’s over, too. Cough, cough, cough.

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