Why does Chase Bank hate animal rescue so much?

This week, volunteers for a well-respected Dallas area animal rescue group, DFW Rescue Me, were denied access to one of their adoption sites because Chase Bank did not want to risk possible damage to the grass in the parking lot from the group’s walking dogs. Although the volunteers with DFW Rescue Me maintain they do and will continue to clean up any excrement, the branch representative still would not compromise with the pet store who was sponsoring the event, nor would Chase entertain the idea of the rescue workers being allowed to use any part of the shopping center away from its grassy areas.

For those of you who might be wondering: Yes, this is the same Chase Bank that was amongst the top four failing financial institutions bailed out recently by the American people in an unprecedented giveaway of around 800 billion dollars in total. They pissed on our lawns for years with their poor mismanagement and complete disregard for business ethics, yet the company is unwilling to clean up its mess with the public even after we rolled up our sleeves and did the dirty work for them.

Here is what Jim Wenger, Co-founder of Rescue Me, has to add:

For further information on how you can assist, contact DFW Rescue Me. The animal service has a variety of volunteer opportunities available and is always accepting donations at any level. This is a well-operated, professional, non-profit organization that deserves to be honored in our community.

If you have an account with Chase that needs to be closed or would just like to voice your opinion, contact the company at: 1-877-682-4273. If you would like to call the specific branch of Chase responsible for waging this campaign against animal rescue, please contact its management: (214) 827-8611. While you’re on hold, shoot Chase an email, too.

I haven’t seen it with thine own eyes, but this grassy area in the parking lot must be one of the world’s seven wonders in order to elicit such protective measures. Is it solid gold? Is it landscaped with moon rocks? Who knows! Let’s go see. If you would like to check out Chase’s grassy area in question — perhaps even with a friend who has paws, the location is: 6310 E Mockingbird Lane, Dallas TX, 75214.

You might need directions. I’d hate for you to miss this spectacle of spectacles known as The Grassy Area in Chase Bank’s Parking Lot:

6310 East Mockingbird Lane, Dallas, TX 75214 – Google Maps


Update: 8:46 p.m. from DFW Rescue Me: “We have had an overwhelming response from our DFW Rescue Me supporters. The branch manager has contacted us and we are working towards a resolution. Chase bank is very much in support of our rescue efforts and it was the actions of one misguided employee that caused the situation.” Michael from DFWRM adds: “I’m hoping that if we’re successful in resolving this problem, we can then get the same kind of response with animal friendly folks sending thank you’s to Chase for modifying their position!” Stay posted.


LATEST UPDATE 10/2011: Given every opportunity to right the situation, Chase Bank has opted to ignore the staggering number of requests from the Dallas community. In fact, everything Chase assured the rescue about supporting adoption efforts and DFW’s bevy of concerned citizens has yet to be demonstrated by the financial institution’s failure to act. Like other local businesses, Chase was even offered the opportunity to sponsor an event through the State Fair of Texas and repair the bank’s less than philanthropic appearance locally as a result of the animal rescue episode. Instead of becoming part of a community solution, Chase, by its continued lack of solidarity and unwillingness to rectify the rash actions of its branch representative in the above instance, has made the decision to stand against helping animals on euthanasia lists find homes. 

It is important to understand that taxpayers locally spend $111 on average every three minutes to euthanize animals. Chase has blocked a solution to this crisis, choosing to ignore many taxpayers’ wishes. That’s pretty high and mighty of them after how hard we worked to bail them out of their gross financial mismanagement just a few years ago. 














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